The Criminal Threat to Cultural Heritage in Poland – Analysis of the Events of 2014

Olgierd Jakubowski


When studying the phenomenon of crime against cultural heritage different methods can be applied to diagnose the level of threat. A year-long study of specific crime cases where the victims are cultural goods allows one to see trends in the activities of the perpetrators and helps one to develop methods to counteract future incidents. Long-term studies of crime cases affecting cultural heritage enable for a complementary way of assessing the level of risk factors and to minimize the risk of their occurrence. The study is expected to begin an annual series of articles aimed at the systematic presentation of the phenomenon of crime against cultural heritage in Poland. The text presents a selection of cases which, in the opinion of the author, may constitute an auxiliary tool to diagnose the level of the threat to cultural goods within the period indicated. There are presented in a shortened form cases of various types of criminal activities against heritage, such as theft, burglary and the destruction of valuable cultural objects.

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crime, cultural heritage, robbery, destruction

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