Wstęp do teorii trzech kręgów kobiecej prozy science fiction w Polsce. Na przykładzie twórczości Antoniny Liedtke i Anny Kańtoch

Maria Głowacka


An introduction to the theory of the three circles of women’s science fiction in Poland:

The main purpose of this article is to present the author’s original theory of the ‘three circles’ of Polish women’s science fiction prose. Those circles are: the environmental circle, the branch circle and the main circle. In order to formulate the concept of the three circles and to conduct an analysis of critical reception of women’s science fiction prose it will be necessary to adhere to feminist literary criticism, strictly speaking the research perspective of Patrocino Schweickart. With its use the author of this article shows the status of women science fiction writers on the basis of the reception of works by Antonina Liedtke and Anna Kańtoch.

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teoria trzech kręgów, kobieca proza science fiction, science fiction studies, feministyczna krytyka literacka, Kańtoch Anna, Liedtke Antonina

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