Le ambizioni del filosofo. Le tradizioni sulla morte di Eraclide Pontico

Federicomaria Muccioli


Ancient authors offer different traditions over the last days and wishes of the philosopher Heracleides Ponticus. The tales combined of Philodemus and Hermippus (in Diogenes Laertius) probably go back to Demochares of Leoconoe and his work against the philosophers, which thus could constitue the oldest and reliable source about it. After an exam of the political and religious context of Heracleia Pontica and Greek world in the times of Heracleides, we can accept that the philosopher managed to receive heroic honours post mortem, as described in the version of the nephew of Demosthenes.

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Heracleides Ponticus, divinization, heroization, Greek religion, IV c. BC


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