The Princeps as the Pontifex Maximus: the Case of Tiberius

Danuta Musiał


The Roman emperor accumulated political and religious power, which in republican tradition was divided between magistrates and priests. This does not mean, however, that the boundary between these authorities has been erased, which also confirms the manner in which the individual ruler held the pontifex maximus function. This article concerns two cases of Tiberius’ interventions as the pontifex maximus recorded by Tacitus. The first event is connected with the choosing of a new Vestal, and the next is related to the flamen Dialis’ (S. Cornelius Maluginensis) requests for governorship of the province. In both situations, the emperor appeared before the Senate in a dual role; he presented the pontiffs’ opinion as pontifex maximus, and as the princeps he made a decisions on its basis.

Słowa kluczowe

Roman religion, princeps, Augustus, Tiberius, pontifex maximus


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