Czas pracy osób niepełnosprawnych na podstawie wybranych regulacji prawnych

Wojciech Papis,

Anna Rogacka-Łukasik


Working time of disabled people based on selected legal regulations

This study aims to present selected legal regulations concerning the working time of disabled people. The authors, in the examples of specific lex specialis regulations in relation to the provisions of the Act of 27 August 1997 on vocational and social rehabilitation as well as employing people with disabilities, show the complexity of the subject issue of this legal problem. The conducted considerations aim, apart from presenting some discrepancies in the subject matter, to show the multiplicity of legal solutions that make it possible to apply an equivalent system of working time to people with disabilities. They point to the restrictions on the application of regulations regarding the possibility of prolonging working time resulting from specific provisions regulating this issue for people with disabilities.

JEL  K31
ASJC:   3309
Słowa kluczowe: disabled persons, working time, labor law, an equivalent system of working time, extension of working time, extension of the billing period, osoby niepełnosprawne, czas pracy, prawo pracy, równoważny system czasu pracy, przedłużenie czasu pracy, przedłużenie okresu rozliczeniowego

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