Aktywizacja zawodowa opiekunów osób z niepełnosprawnościami jako ważne zadanie państwa – wybrane zagadnienia

Maciej Borski


Professional activation of guardians of disabled people as an important task of the state – selected issues

It is beyond any doubt that the possibility of professional activation ensures not only the fulfillment of one’s financial needs, but, above all, it allows an individual to be in charge of their life. The latter issue seems to be particularly important as far as the situation of guardians of people with disabilities is concerned, for everyone needs to have an influence upon their lives and the possibility to decide on the direction they want to move towards, regardless of the necessity to fulfill certain obligations in relation to other people. Pointing out particular solutions advocated by guardians of disabled people that support their professional activation and comparing them with the existing normative regulations, the author attempts to answer the question whether it is possible for a contemporary guardian of a disabled person to work professionally, without limiting oneself to performing care-service activities only.

JEL  K31
ASJC:   3309
Słowa kluczowe: guardian of disabled person, professional activation, job, socially useful jobs, opiekun osoby z niepełnosprawnością, aktywizacja zawodowa, praca, prace społecznie użyteczne

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