Prawo kościołów i innych związków wyznaniowych do żądania od kandydata na pracownika danych osobowych o jego wyznaniu lub religii

Olgierd Kucharski,

Paweł Wolnicki


The right churches and religious associationis to request information from an employee candidate about his confession and religion

In this work authors analyze existing legal regulations in the state legal order, concernig processing of personal data on employments in churches and religious associotions. Some of churches and religious associotions introduce regulations limiting access to employment in their structures for people professing different faith or views. They carry out their prophetic mission only or primarily with the participation of their own followers, opening themselves to all people, or only those who meet the requirements defined by internal law. This special legal relationship between an employee (candidate to empolyee) a church and other religion organizations as the employing entity, resulted from participation in the implementation of religious purposes, in especially the right of personal data about candidtae of employment proffesing.

JEL  K31
ASJC:   3309
Słowa kluczowe: churches and religious associations, personal data, labour law, kościoły i inne związki wyznaniowe, dane osobowe, prawo pracy

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