Bishop Conrad III of Kamień Pomorski: a common clergyman and a politician in the Duchy of Pomerania in 1233–1241

Mariola Freza-Olczyk


This essay presents the figure of Conrad Salzwedel, the bishop of Kamień Pomorski (1233–1241). The first objective is to describe briefly his origins and career history. After illustrating this general information relating to his personal life and his activity as a clergyman, the second part of this paper focuses on major documents and donations. The aim here is to portray Conrad III as a generous founder. Another essential point is to study his diplomatic relations with the Griffins, a dynasty from the Duchy of Pomerania. One of the points of this article is to outline the many conflicts Conrad Salzwedel had with other bishops. This is a complex problem which requires more consideration than is presented herein. The last part of this text examines the chief purposes of the agreement of 1240 between the bishop of Kamień Pomorski and the Pomeranian duke Barnim I. 

Słowa kluczowe: Bischop Conrad III, Cistercian Order, Kamień Pomorski, Duchy of Pomerania