Study of solutions of logarithmic order to higher order linear differential-difference equations with coeffcients having the same logarithmic order

Benharrat Belaïdi


The main purpose of this paper is to study the growth of solutions of the linear differential-difference equation L(z, f)= n ∑ i=0 m ∑ j=0 Aij (z) f(j)(z + ci)=0, where Aij (z) (i = 0, ททท, n; j = 0, ททท, m) are entire or meromorphic functions of finite logarithmic order and ci (0, ททท, n) are distinct complex numbers. We extend some precedent results due to Wu and Zheng and others.

Słowa kluczowe: Linear differential-difference equation, meromorphic function, logarithmic order, logarithmic type, logarithmic lower order, logarithmic lower type.

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