Materiały do dziejów warszawskiego szkolnictwa XIX i XX w. w zasobie Archiwum Państwowego w Warszawie

Anna Wajs


Warsaw Schooling in the 19th and 20th Century According to the Archival Sources of the State Archive in Warsaw

This article presents the archival materials on schooling in the possession of the State Archive in Warsaw. The timeframe of these materials ranges from 1835 to the present. The purpose of the paper is to categorise the diverse archival materials according to several criteria. Schools are categorised into mainstream, secondary and tertiary; according to ownership — into private and state-operated; according to student age — for children/youths or adults; according to the students’ gender — into all-male, all-female and coeducational. Religious schools are also mentioned. This categorisation is accompanied by a simplified compilation of statistical data on the number and profile of particular schools. Numerous currently-existing, popular and highly-regarded secondary schools in Warsaw, e.g. the Narcyza Żmichowska Secondary School, Klementyna Hoffmanowa Secondary School, Mikołaj Rej Secondary School, Stanisław Staszic Secondary School, Joachim Lelewel Secondary School, can trace their history back to the first years after Poland regained independence, and even further back. The Second World War resulted in numerous schools being decommissioned, some were nationalised and repurposed, and the records of the schools which did survive were partially lost. The Warsaw school documentation available from the Warsaw State Archive consists of more than individual archival fonds named after particular schools. Other fonds created before the First World War also contain relevant information, e.g. the Warsaw Governorate Government fonds, or the fonds of the 1945–1950 Secret Education Verification Commission at the Warsaw School District Curatorium, as well as private files, memoires, photograph collections, etc.

Słowa kluczowe: szkoła powszechna, liceum ogólnokształcące, liceum zawodowe, gimnazjum, szkoła wyższa, dokumentacja szkolna, edukacja, szkoły prywatne

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