Microlecture de la poésie de Marie Krysinska

Ewa M. Wierzbowska


Microlecture on the Marie Krysinska poetry’s

Sensitive to all the nuances, attentive observer, Marie Krysinska thinks deeply about the human condition. One of its components is wandering − in every sense of the word. The wandering, physical and psychological, is a natural state of man. Wandering in imagination, in memory, expatriation, evaluation mistakes… The absoluteness of wandering can put the sign of equality between wandering and imagination. Imaginative ability determines the existence of the human being. I wander, you wander, they wander − in the poetry of Krysinska man is combined with all sorts of wandering. To wander means here to look, to try to answer the cardinal questions of human existence.

Słowa kluczowe: Krysinska, errare, wandering, imagination

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Szymborska W., Jamais deux fois, [dans :] Idem, De la mort sans exagérer (Appel à Yeti, 1957), P. Kamiński (trad.), Paris, Fayard, 1997.

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