Militants et créateurs : les différentes attitudes des designers wallons et silésiens envers leurs communautés

Paweł Łapiński


The article offers a selective comparison of some objects of the Silesian and Walloon designers and suggests their possible interpretations. In both regions, Silesia in Poland and Wallonia in Belgium, which are bound by the similar industrial heritage, considerable efforts were made, at a certain moment in their recent history, in the field of design to modify or even reinvent the image of the region. Silesian designers seem to be still anchored in the past, often concentrated on overcoming the stereotype that weighs on their homeland. The Walloon design, however, is more keen to comment on the present and to criticize the galloping consumption, often warning about the risks of being caught by the flow of the "liquid modernity".

Słowa kluczowe: design, Silésie, Wallonie, stéréotype, régionalisme

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