Short circuits detection in double sourced electrical lines. Part I ‒ DWT databese preparation

Bartosz Rozegnał


This paper presents an attempt to detect short circuits in double sourced electrical lines by discrete wavelet transform. First part of this talk describes a database preparation which is created by dynamic simulation base on model of double sourced transmission line. In order to choose the right model a comparison of two different represent of line has been made. In first one, transmission line is represented by two four-poles, and the second one is represented by n-four poles. Steady state’s analyses of different kinds of short-cuts show that two four-poles model line with acceptable precision. Simulation’s results for all kinds of short-cuts create a vast database. The database can be used to project detection algorism based on discrete wavelet transformation.

Słowa kluczowe: short circuits in transmission line, models of double sourced transmission line, data bases of short circuit performanc