Computational intelligence in performance evaluation and fault prognosis in telecommunication access networks

Ferenc LiLik,

Péter Simonyi,

László T. Kóczy


Telecommunication connections are highly reliable and manageable, however, the handling of several parts of the networks is problematic. One of these parts is the access network. The variegation of the applied technologies and the individual connections to the customers in access networks makes the preliminary estimation of the performance of the telecommunications services and troubleshooting difficult. There are existing methods which can handle such problems, but the telecommunications companies (TELCO) are continuously looking for newer and more efficient methods. In this paper some existing methods for performance evaluation and the prediction of the probable failures of the wire pairs of telecommunications access networks are reviewed and novel methods that are based on the measurements of the wire pairs and use computational intelligence, fuzzy inference methods and evolutionary models are introduced.

Słowa kluczowe: telecommunications access networks, performance evaluation, fault prediction, fuzzy rule bases

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