Contemporary architecture of Lebanon

Kazimierz Butelski


The paper presents selected issues on architecture in Lebanon during the 60 years of existence this State starting from 1943. The outstanding Polish modernist architect Charles Schayer, was very important person for shaping the architectural identity in Lebanon, we presented one of his works – Dar Al Sayad building from 1954. The Cathedral in Harrisa by Pierre El Khoury, Mohammad Al Amin Mosque in Beirut by Azmi Fakhuri and Resistance Museum in Mleeta, are characteristic public buildings for 3 major Lebanese religious groups: Maronite, Sunni and Shiite. The Reconstruction of downtown Beirut after the civil war in the years 1975–1990 and the role of the company Solidere in this endeavor, is shown in the following part of the work. It presents for example design of the New Beirut Souks by Rafael Moneo, the work of sculptors and landscape architects such as Xavier Corbero and Vladimir Djurovic, as well as a discussion related to the recent execution of Steven Holl design called Zaitunay Bay and its impact on designed in the 30’s of the XX century, the Hotel St. Georges designed by August Perret. Next on selected examples of Zaha Hadid designs and Bernard Khoury presents the architecture of the Christian East Beirut and Muslim West Beirut. Finally at the end of the work presents the realization Fair in Tripoli called Rashid Karami designed by Oscar Niemeyer and architectural experimentation in the region of Mount Lebanon.

Słowa kluczowe: contemporary architecture of Lebanon, cathedral in Harrisa, Mosque Mohammad Al-Amin in Beirut, Museum of Resistance in Mleeta, Dar Al Sayad building in Beirut, rebuilding the centre of Beirut, St. Georges Hotel in Beirut, Tripoli fair, Karol Schayer, Pier

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