Masonry structures in the context of sustainable development – two case studies: Scotland and Ireland

Renata Górska


Preservation, conservation and restoration of the objects of cultural heritage is extremely important if we think in terms of cultural and social achievements of societies. These problems have been reflected both in the so-called Brundtland report and in the formulation of the concept of l’sustainable development’. One of the important factors of this development is the protection of cultura and national heritage. Development of masonry structures over the centuries can be exemplified by numerous historic buildings which exist in old towns and villages. Specifically, in this article we describe various types of masonry structures that have been built in Scotland and Ireland. The exposure of historical buildings became available to the general public through facilitation of the appropriate social and cultural policies within the countries of the united Europe. Conservation activities which have been undertaken over a span of time allow availability of numerous beautiful architectural monuments of masonry to the public today.

Słowa kluczowe: masonry structures, sustainable development, revalorization and protection of masonry buildings in Scotland and Ireland

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