Małgorzata Mizia


The purpose of my visit to New York was, on the one hand, a desire to get acquainted with one of the biggest agglomerations in the world, a city regarded by contemporary sociologists as a model example of the newly arising social phenomena, social trends and urban movements, and what’s more, one that is characterized by the greatest intensity of development and referred to by the leading sociologists as a global city – one of three, besides London and Tokyo (according to Saskia Sassen [1]). What was extremely interesting for me was to compare NY with London; I have known the latter from several visits and stays over various periods of time, beginning with the 70’s of the previous century. Another purpose of my visit to NY, probably the most important one for me personally, was an exhibition of my paintings in the world capital: in a professional art gallery in Chelsea in the heart of Manhattan, side by side works by Bangsy or Yoko Ono, but also Warhol, Rauschenberg or Lichtenstein, accessible to tourists and passersby nearly from the High Line pedestrian walkway.

Słowa kluczowe: New York, cognizance, culture, city

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