Existent and nonexistent cities

Ewa Węcławowicz-Gyurkovich


For several thousand years, cities in different scales – small and big – have been created and built by various civilizations on our planet. Beside the realized ones, drawn cities – constructed in the imagination of designers and artists, poets and writers – have sprung up. Nonexistent cities, which have never been created and will never be created, carry some emotional values which are important to contemporary man. Drawn “paper” architecture is not just an art in itself and for itself – it makes a testing ground and a research field for the development of new forms, for the creation of new worlds. Unhampered by the conditions of living “here and now”, it facilitates a freer flow of thoughts, the realization of dreams, the implementation of a creator’s inner world.

Słowa kluczowe: unrealized designs of cities, architects’ fanciful drawings