Green wall technology

Maria Kmieć


Green walls are used as one of methods which for many years have been used to enhance the appearance of building elevations. They make it possible to introduce greenery into urbanised areas, which are often limited by the size of the building plot. They add an excellent aesthetic dimension to the so called ‘blind’ walls found in city centres. Green walls not only bring with them an element of beauty and integration with nature, but by being used to a wider extent, could also have a positive impact on the city’s micro-climate. Various technologies enable the creation of green walls on the outside of buildings as well as in semi-open spaces and interiors. In this paper, five different techniques of setting up living walls are described, from the relatively simple technique of planting climbers that easily cover bare walls to modular panel systems or green wall systems with flower pots to ‘living wall’ solutions and finally, to Patrick Blanc’s highly sophisticated patented vertical garden technology.

Słowa kluczowe: green wall, vertical gardens, technology and construction

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