Adaptable city

Anna Franta


In order to be able to continue functioning within the “capability of the Earth”, the sense of our development must be understood in the spirit of a completely different philosophy: we need to shift focus from the growth in quantity to the growth in quality. Growth in wisdom, knowledge and common sense, so that we can take good care of everything and everybody on the Earth, and this will be emanation of the new pan-human sense of responsibility. If the urbanised environment, being the basic one, is also to become a full-value environment for human existence, it will require continuous and universal improvement of its quality as well as new strategies, methods and scenarios for rational organisation of urbanised space that will be able to meet new challenges. It seems that ‘dramaturgically consistent logic of composition’ may, if the directorial structure, presented in this article, is to be used, become an original formula of creating city spatial scenarios, and a new, consistent and comprehensive form of urban public space. Scenarios built on the basis of the city “genotype”, in which urban “layers of memory” are the basis for adaptive transformations.

Słowa kluczowe: adaptable city, city genotype, directorial structure, broken form, dramaturgy of connections, correlation of fields of formal and activating operation