Heat load elimination by using displacement ventilation in a classroom

Martin Kovac,

Katarina Knizova,

Anna Sedlakova


The target of this contribution is to know if we can use displacement ventilation for the so-called free cooling of a room. What flow rate of air do we need in order to sufficiently reduce the thermal loads in the classroom? We search for the answer to this question by using CFD tools. We only use air from the exterior without any cooling system.

Słowa kluczowe: displacement ventilation, free cooling, CFD

Knizova K., Kovac M., Influence of natural and mechanical ventilation on elimination of heat load in the loft space, Visnik Nacionaľnogo universitetu Ľvivska politechnika: Teorija i praktika budivnictva, vol. 756, 2013, 95-100.

ANSYS CFX Introduction, Release 12.0, 2012, ANSYS Inc., Canonsburg, USA.