Water and sewage management in the paper industry

Paweł Guzdek,

Piotr Petryk


The paper industry products are materials formed as a result of a complex series of consecutive processes, which makes this industry branch a very specific and professional. In order to reduce the consumption of excessive amounts of water in papermaking processes, closed circuit water systems are used. An example of a vibrant paper mill is a Paper and Cardboard Factory BESKIDY. The paper factory is supplied with tap and well water, which covers the largest part of water demand. Excess water called as post-production circulation water, is directed to the Factory Sewage Treatment Plant. The process of purification of industrial sewage in Factory of Paper and Cardboard BESKIDY meets the requirements of the Polish Regulation of the Minister of Construction (Journal of Laws of the Republic of Poland of 2006 No.136 item 964), which means waste water – sewage management is properly carried out.

Słowa kluczowe: pulp and paper industry, Sewage Treatment Plant, hydropulper device

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