The park in St. Yuri (st. George) Square – the jewel in the emerald necklace of the city of Lviv

Halyna Petryshyn,

Olha Kryvoruchko


The most valuable parks in Lviv were designed by the famous city gardener Arnold Röhring, who managed to combine in the art of landscape design the different styles of the turn of 20th century. If the large parks of the city are under state protection, the smaller ones designed as public gardens, boulevards, gardens near the villas are constantly being rebuilt and destroyed. The results of the study of the park in St. Yuri Square in Lviv give grounds for considering this park an authentic monument of landscape art of the end of the 19th century, where its compositional structure and state of rare old-growth species of trees and shrubs are well preserved.

Słowa kluczowe: Lviv parks, landscape design, public gardens, Arnold Röhring