Cylindrical anamorphic images –a digital method of generation

Andrzej Zdziarski,

Marcin Jonak


The aim of this paper is to present a practical construction for some cylindrical anamorphic images. The method is based on the analytic properties of reflective anamorphic image construction – topics which have been discussed in previous papers. This time, the authors deal with the analytical analysis of a transformation that is applied in order to obtain an anamorphic image, and provide an innovative digital notation of the reflective transformation discussed. The analytical model described here allows us to generate a cylindrical anamorphic image of any object that is represented in the form of a set of parametric equations. Some example anamorphic images together with their counter-images reflected in the surface of a cylindrical mirror will be presented here. The method of construction described enables the development of any design project of an anamorphic image in the urban planning environment and within the interiors of public spaces.

Słowa kluczowe: transformation, anamorphic image, visualization of an anamorphic image, reflective cylinder