City – a machine or living tissue?

Tadeusz Zipser


In the center of civilization is the city. This justifies the raise of questions: Why is the city? Why it arose and why else is it? Today we can say that the civilization it is the city. Consider, what the city once was, and it will help us classify the current state of the town and think about what is in front of the future. It is proposed to look at the city in a dynamic way, against the development of civilization. In this process you can be seen overlapping and not reaching a rhythm of four phases. The first phase corresponds to nomadism, the second this village, the third is already the city and the associated development of crafts, the fourth is a large agglomerations, industrialization and follow in the direction of globalization. Today we must redefine the city as a tissue, which is tissue of one big body as it happened so, that our civilization spilled already on the entire world, and is the only civilization that counts, and no longer needs the divisions (except for the administrative management) on different parts.

Słowa kluczowe: city, machine, tissue