Climatic aspects of durability in contemporary architecture

Wacław Celadyn


Buildings maintain their original shape for some time after their completion. Thereafter, they begin to deteriorate gradually. Their technical and aesthetical longevity is diverse and depends on many acting factors. First of all, the rules of building art should be obeyed while designing and constructing as well as the selection of adequate building materials is necessary. A very important factor, which determines their durability, is the local climate. The most adverse climatic conditions for buildings are in the coastal localities. One can perceive there best the impact of particular climatic factors on accelerated deterioration of building structures, as opposed to other more advantageous geographical situations. The paper presents the results of observations in situ and the analysis of technical and aesthetical condition of selected buildings in some cities in the Netherlands and Spain, with the aim of elucidating the reasons of their aesthetical and technical deterioration.

Słowa kluczowe: architecture, construction, technology in architecture, durability of buildings, technical deterioration of buildings, impact of climate on buildings

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