A few reflections about monument conservation sketched with an architecture historian’s pen in other words between Bremerhaven, Paris and Glasgow

Zdzisława Tołłoczko


The aim of the essay is to remind people of selected realizations done during the last two decades of the 20th c. targeted at the rescue, restoration and enlivening objects of the 19th c. architecture. They were created in the period of industrial revolution, when the turn of the century became the past, remaining a valuable relic of the past and serves new aims, cultivating both old-time and restored functional, aesthetic and artistic values.

Słowa kluczowe: France, Paris, United Kingdom, Glasgow, Germany (Lower Saxony), Bremerhaven, historicism, eclecticism, Beaux-Arts, Neo-gothic, Venetian Gothic, Rundbogenstil, conservation, history of architecture