Sustainability and modesty: a permanent challenge for conservation architects

André De Naeyer


New needs in society ask for new approaches and new criteria in cultural heritage. Still, they brought new solutions which are not always consistent with those of Venice Charter (1964) or Krakow Charter 2000. We inherited everything around us, including the landscape and all semantics related with that environment. In the eternal and universal dilemma between progression or conservation, conservation should prevail, as we are conservators; yet sometimes progression has to be part of it if we can guarantee by this way the rescue and survival of the monument or heritage. The article aims at presenting the answers for the challenges of today’s conservation of cultural heritage, in the modified and diversified society- both linguistic and regarding architectural practice. Thus the author proposes the approach marked by sustainability and modesty and also gives three definitions and three categories of heritage (of historic or artistic value), allowing for a variegated approach – in the decreasing scale of restraints concerning change or transformation.

Słowa kluczowe: sustainability, modesty, challenges, conservation, architect’s approach