Geographical altitude coefficient utilisation for wind gust loading determination in the mountainous terrain of the Transcarpathian region

Roman Kinash


This paper presents the method and results of a geographical altitude factor calculation to determine wind loading Calt at 9 meteorological stations in the Transcarpathian region. According to state building standards В.1.2-2:2006, the coefficient of geographical altitude is used to calculate wind pressure while positioning the building site at an altitude of up to 0.5 km it equals 1, at altitudes higher than 0.5 km, it is determined using the formula Calt = 4H–1. With the help of the suggested method, according to 23 directions and high wind coefficients, as well as data of meteorological observations from 1955−2005, the coefficients of geographical altitude were calculated to determine wind loading in July and January for each residential site, the peaks and mountain passes for the Transcarpathian region of Ukrainian Carpathians.

Słowa kluczowe: wind load, geographical altitude factor, building construction, Transcarpathian region, meteorological station, mountainous terrain

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