Analysis of integral parameters in a single-phase slotless axial-flux machine used in small wind turbines

Adrian Młot,

Mariusz Korkosz,

Marian Łukaniszyn


The design of a ferrite magnet generator with trapezoidal shaped permanent magnets and coils for a wind turbine is studied. Based on the 3-D finite element analysis (FEA), the electromagnetic performances of the two generator prototypes and a simple design modification for one of the axial-flux generator prototypes are analyzed. The best generator is chosen from a range of designs, where the goal is to increase the voltage generated by the 8/8 pole and a single-phase slotless machine. Experimental results from a small size prototype machine validate the 3-D FEA models presented, and hence give confidence in their use for design.

Słowa kluczowe: axial-flux generators, wind turbine generators, efficiency, finite-element analysis