Three-phase squirrel-cage induction generator excited by capacitor battery

Zbigniew Szular


The generation of electrical energy in small power plants which use renewable energy sources is often implemented with the use of induction generators. This paper presents a proposal of an energy generation system which is constructed with the use of a three-phase self-excited squirrel-cage induction generator. The idea of this proposal consists of a control method of the generator rotor magnetic flux linkage via fully controlled power electronic switches. The energy produced by the induction generator is transferred to a DC link via an uncontrolled rectifier and a DC-DC chopper. The proposed solution allows us to generate energy with the use of a relatively simple and reliable electrical machine. Additional important advantages of this concept are a small number of controlled elements, and an easy control method.

Słowa kluczowe: self-excited cage induction generator, bi-directional switch, capacitor battery