Specific power loss of typical dynamo steel sheets

Agnieszka Banach,

Witold Mazgaj


In typical dynamo steel sheets, the magnetization process can have a two-fold character. In parts of the dynamo sheets which refer to the stator core of induction motors the magnetization process has a rotational character. On the other hand, the axial magnetization occurs mainly in the stator teeth. This paper discusses the specific power loss of typical dynamo sheets and its dependence on the magnetization frequency and on the maximum value of the flux density in dynamo sheets. Anisotropic properties of these sheets were taken into consideration. Special attention was given to understanding the dependency of the magnetization direction on specific power loss. The measured specific power losses of two selected dynamo sheets were compared with results obtained on the basis of analytical formulas.

Słowa kluczowe: anisotropy, dynamo steel sheets, specific power loss

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