A digital method for the generation of anamorphic images – visualised in conical reflective surfaces

Marcin Jonak


In this paper, the author presents a practical method for the construction of anamorphic images based on their analytical properties that are characteristic of reflective conical anamorphic images. This study is a continuation of the earlier work in which the geometrical principles from a real-life image were described. In this paper, the author presents a set of analytical formulas that are used to describe the transformation together with their digital notation in the MS Excel software. The originally developed analytical model of transformation lets the author generate anamorphic images of any designed objects on the condition that they are represented by the parametric equations. These parametric formulas make the essential condition for enhancing the creation of the final form of an anamorphic image. Some exemplary anamorphic images have been presented here together with their visualisation that has been created with the aid of a prototype, conicalshaped mirror. The solutions presented in this work provide a tool for the precise design and development of anamorphic images within the urban space of a town and in the interiors of a public use.

Słowa kluczowe: transformation, anamorphic image, visualisation of anamorphic images, reflective cone