Application of scanning measurments to document the behavior states of various engineering and building construction components

Łukasz Łukaszewski


Laser scanning is currently a very fast developing field of science. By creating it for the purpose of geodetic, the possibility of using it in other branches of science was quickly observed. Development of measuring devices and the increase of accuracy and simplicity in performing measurements enabled finding a wider audience and extend its use. In the article the author presents the results of experimental studies aimed at identifying the use of scanning triangulation in the research which allows a comparison of behavior states of selected structural elements before and after their deformation. The study was performed using triangulation scanner that uses a white light. The results were compared in the corresponding computer program that allows the analysis of point clouds and to create models from TIN grids.

Słowa kluczowe: analysis of behavior state, artifact, cloud points, deformation, laser scanning, TIN grids