Transport costs of prefab wood and brick construction – comparative study.

Jozef Švajlenka,

Maria Kozlovska


Construction industry has a large share in environmental pollution. In the context of building industry, it is also the transport of building materials and products, which largely contributes to environmental degradation. Construction increasingly promotes wood-based construction systems, thanks to faster construction, better environmental, energy and economic parameters. Prefabricated wood-based panel construction system fully utilizes construction, manufacturing and assembly advantages of the production to the efficiency of the entire construction process. The key moment to increase the efficiency and degree of prefabrication is panel’s finishing. Creation of structural elements in the factories allows a reduction in rides to the site. The paper analyzes the transport costs of the model house constructed by the system of traditional brick and panel system based on wood in the context of transport and manipulation of materials in both bearing systems.

Słowa kluczowe: wood construction, brick construction, costs analysis