Effectiveness of a mathematical model in simulating nonlinear mechanical behaviour of a seismic isolation system made of polymeric bearings

Tomasz Falborski,

Robert Jankowski


The present study was focused on determining the effectives of a nonlinear mathematical model in simulating complex mechanical behaviour of a seismic isolation system made of Polymeric Bearings. The proposed mathematical model defines the lateral force as a nonlinear function of the shear displacement and the deformation velocity. The effectiveness of the proposed mathematical model was verified by comparing the seismic response of a 2.30 m high two-storey structure model with the results obtained from the detailed numerical analysis. The results obtained from the numerical investigation using lumped-mass models confirmed that the proposed nonlinear mathematical model can be successfully adopted to simulate the complex mechanical behaviour of the Polymeric Bearings in numerical studies..

Słowa kluczowe: Polymeric Bearings, base isolation, mathematical model, shaking table testing, earthquakes, dynamic excitations