A novel soft switching system for three-phase voltage source inverter

Witold Mazgaj,

Bartosz Rozegnał,

Zbigniew Szular


Soft switching systems in three-phase voltage source inverters usually require the use of additional elements, such as transistors, capacitors and inductors. Contrary to the existing solutions, in the proposed soft switching system, the danger of an abrupt discharge of the capacitors through the conductive transistor does not occur. Moreover, there is no risk of interruption of the inductor current, which usually causes damage to the transistors. In the paper principles of the system operation are described in detail and rules of component selection are presented. Laboratory tests were performed for different operating conditions. The test results have confirmed the operation correctness of the three-phase voltage source inverter with the proposed soft switching system.

Słowa kluczowe: soft switching, switching losses, voltage source inverter