Service quality management in microcloud- based IoT infrastructure

Oleksander Rolik,

Sergii Telenyk,

Eduard Zharikov


The Internet of Things (IoT) is an emergent technology that offers great opportunities to enhance economic indices and productivity of enterprises, to improve the quality of consumers’ lives, and to enable more efficient use of resources. In this paper, the authors propose an approach to Microcloud-based IoT infrastructure management to provide the desired quality of IT services with rational use of IT resources. Efficiency of IoT infrastructure management can be estimated by the quality of services and the management costs. The task of operational service quality management is to maintain a given level of service quality with the use of minimum IT resources in IoT environment. The proposed approach allows the efficient use of resources for IT services’ provision in IoT ecosystem through the implementation of service level coordination, resource planning and service level management processes in an integrated IT infrastructure management system.

Słowa kluczowe: cloud, microcloud, decomposition-compensation approach, coordinator, resource allocation problem, datacenter