The effect of corrosion process on the surface topography of Nd‒Fe‒B type magnets bonded with biopolimer

Klaudia Radomska,

Grażyna Pawłowska,

Dorota Klimecka-Tatar


The article presents the results of surface topography measurements of the Nd‒Fe‒B type bonded magnetic material before and after the corrosion test in aggressive environments. The roughness of composite materials is closely related to the technological process. The increase in values of surface roughness parameters weakens the corrosion resistance by development of the actual surface and increases the contact surface with corrosive media. The results are a contribution to further work on the selection of appropriate technological parameters ‒ among others enlargement of the bio-polymer content which contributes to the homogenisation of powder composition and thus has a beneficial effect on the resistance of material to an aggressive environment in a long-term use.

Słowa kluczowe: bonded magnets, corrosion, surface roughness