Utilization of animal blood plasma as example of using cleaner technologies methodology

Agnieszka Makara,

Zygmunt Kowalski,

Katarzyna Fela,

Agnieszka Generowicz


Dried animal blood plasma, which is offered to the market as a feed product, should meet appropriate standards of quality and epidemiological safety. That is why blood drawing, its transportation, storage and processing must be performed with absolute observance of the principles of hygiene and sanitation. The paper discusses the possibilities of application of techniques used in the food industry for the pretreatment of animal blood plasma to ensure a high quality of the final product. Both the proper treatment of this by-product from the animal’s production as well as its recycling and re-use as a feed or food additives are examples of practical use of cleaner production methods.

Słowa kluczowe: blood plasma, pre-treatment, bacteria amount reduction, anticoagulation, blood stabilization, cleaner production