A comparative analysis of two methods for determining the influence of vibrations on people in buildings

Alicja Kowalska-Koczwara,

Krzysztof Stypuła


Different methodologies for the assessment of the influence of vibrations on people residing in buildings can be found in international standards. There are two dominant methods of assessment: the analysis of the RMS values in 1/3 octave bands and vibration dose VDV. In this article, these two methods of assessing the influence of vibration on humans are compared, not only on the basis of standard formulas but also on a real example. The influence of transport vibrations (busses, trams, trucks) on humans residing in traditional, masonry buildings was analysed. Conclusions resulting from a comparative analysis of the two methods of evaluation were formed.

Słowa kluczowe: passive perception of vibration, vibration dose, RMS analysis, ‘in-situ’ measurements, transport vibrations