Vibrations of free-field and building caused by passages of the Pendolino train

Krzysztof Stypuła,

Tadeusz Tatara


The objective of the paper was to conduct dynamic measurements of free-field vibrations in three profiles and establish decay relations of propagating vibrations. The sources of vibrations were passages of the Pendolino train with dedicated speeds from 40 to 293 km/h. In each profile, soil properties tests were carried out. Based on the data for a few selected speeds of the Pendolino train’s passages, the Vibration Reduction Coefficients (VRC) were determined at selected points. The paper is also focused on the analysis of vibrations of the selected one-storey masonry residential building located in the vicinity of one of the profiles and their evaluation of the harmfulness on the building structure using standard scales of dynamic influence.

Słowa kluczowe: free-field vibrations, dynamic investigation, speed of passage of a train, building vibrations, harmfulness of vibrations