Energy efficient data center resources management using beam search algorithm

Sergii Telenyk,

Oleksander Rolik,

Eduard Zharikov,

Yevhenii Serdiuk

Modern data centres consume large amounts of power resulting in high levels of carbon dioxide emission. The data centre is a virtual environment in which the workload is performed by virtual machines. A widely used technique to decrease data centre power consumption is to consolidate the virtual machines using a minimal number of physical servers. The authors propose a two-stage method to solve the virtual machine consolidation problem in cloud data centres. The proposed method is programmed in C# to evaluate it and to perform modelling using Google cluster-usage traces. The proposed method enables powering off nearly fifty percent of the previously selected physical servers by using an acceptable number of migrations of virtual machines.
Słowa kluczowe: cloud computing, virtualisation, virtual machine consolidation, local beam search

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