The pedagogy of asylum as a utopia of hospitality. A review of basic assumptions

Rafał Włodarczyk


This paper aims at the presentation of ethical and political grounds of the pedagogy of asylum, which, in its assumptions, refers to concepts of such thinkers as Emmanuel Levinas, Erich Fromm, George Steiner, Hannah Arendt, Michael Walzer, Avishai Margalit, Jacques Derrida and Janusz Korczak. Utopia of hospitality, presented in its basic assumptions, constitutes a look at the social life, life of individuals and communities, as concentrated in asylums, while its author thinks that it forms an answer to modern challenges to Western democracies, education and politics in the “Age of Migration”.

* The article is a revised and significantly expanded version of the text “Gościnność wspólnot. W stronę pedagogiki azylu”, which appeared in work: Włodarczyk, 2009a, pp. 124–137.

Słowa kluczowe: pedagogy of asylum, hospitality, utopia, other, contemporary philosophy

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