Dla autorów


Manuscripts and all correspondence to editors should be sent by using Folia Quaternaria webpage. A cover letter should include, besides precise postal and e-mail addresses of all authors, a statement that the submitted paper has not been published previously (except in the form of an abstract); that it is not in consideration for publication elsewhere; that this publication has been approved by all co-authors if any, that if and when the manuscript is accepted for publication, the authors agree to automatically transfer of the copyright to the publisher, i.e. the Polish Academy of Arts and Sciences in Kraków; that written permission of the copyright holder is obtained by the authors for material used from other copyrighted holder; and that any costs associated with obtaining this permission are the author’s responsibility.

All contributions are reviewed by two anonymous specialists. The reviews are sent to the (corresponding) author together (if necessary) with the editorial suggestions and with technical remarks. In such a case the author is expected to send back the corrected material (text, illustrations) as well as the answers  to the reviewers’ notes to the Folia Quaternaria for final acceptation.

Proofs should be sent back to the Folia Quaternaria editorial office as soon as possible. Additions are not normally being made at the proof stage; if necessary the author may be charged for their costs.

Organisation of  the manuscript:

·       Title of the paper;

·       Name(s) of the author(s);

·       Abstract;

·       Key words;

·       Author(s) address(es) and e-mail(s);

·       Main text (introduction, regional setting, material and methods, results, discussion,    conclusions);

·       Acknowledgements (if any);

·       References;

·       Appendices (if any);

·       Figure captions, starting from a new page. Captions for illustrations should be as precise as possible, and all symbols used should be explained. Captions numbers should be typed in consecutive order;

·       Tables;

·       Figures. 

Text of the manuscript should be double spaced, at a font size of 12 point (Times New Roman) with no hyphenation. The entire manuscript should be paginated and should not have justified right margin. Tab stops, not the space bar, should be used for indents. All uncommon symbols should be clearly defined at their first occurrence or in a separate list.

The references in the text should be carefully cross-checked with the list of references in order to ensure completeness and consistency in spelling of names and dates. A reference in the text to a publication should be made using name (with initials only when two or more authors of the same name appear) and year. Abbreviations et al. should be used if there are more than two authors but never in the list of references. The tables and figures from the cited papers should not be capitalized. In the list of references, all references in the text, tables, figure captions and appendices should be included. The order is alphabetical by authors’ names and chronological for multiple papers by the same author(s). For the papers by the same author(s) from the same year lower-case letters are added to the date (e.g., 2012a, b). Titles should be given in English for the papers in English and those which have English summary or abstract. In the latter case, original language should be indicated in the parentheses, e.g. (in Polish with English summary). For entirely non-English papers the original language should be used if  alphabet is Latin or transliterated if non-Latin. The names of periodicals should be given unabbreviated.

Figures and plates should be numbered consecutively in Arabic numerals, and each one must be referred to in the text. Each figure should be labelled with the author’s name and figure number. The approximate position of each figure, plate and table should be indicated in the printout and manuscript file. Each figure should be saved as a separate file and should not be embedded in to the text file.

Computer-prepared black and white photographs can be submitted in TIFF format (600 dpi) at publication size.

Tables should be typed on separate sheets, not included as part of the text. Tables with graphic elements must be prepared in graphics software (e.g., CorelDraw) and submitted at publication size. Each table should be saved as a separate computer file.