Chińskie sztuki walki w Chenjiagou – refleksje z wypraw do źródeł powstania stylu Chen Tai Chi Chuan

Paweł Antonowicz,

Adam Dzieciątko


Chinese martial arts in Chenjiagou – reflections from journey to the source of Chen Tai Chi Chuan style

The Article presents reflections of SANBAO Academy’s instructors after spending training time in Chenjiagou village (陳家溝村), located in Henan province in central China. Over 25-year-old practice of Chinese martial arts allowed the Authors to develop a subjectiv evaluation of the benefits from making physical activity. They also made an attempt to evaluate the differences between the attitude to the training of people practicing Tai Chi in Europe and China. The Article reaches with its content to the source of Chen Tai Chi Chuan and describes the place from which derive a variety of different martial arts, including popular all over the world Yang Tai Chi Chuan, the place where nineteen generations passed within a family secret training of Chen Tai Chi Chuan. And finally, where even today you can feel the atmosphere of this old, beautiful, traditional and original martial art. Today, the Chenjiagou village is perhaps the last relic of Chinese culture and art, which is by no means interesting for the representatives of the young generation of the Middle Kingdom.


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