Wyzwania dla ochrony praw ludności rdzennej w Papui Zachodniej

Iwona Ryniak-Olszanka


The challenges to protect the rights of indigenous peoples in West Papua

The purpose of the article is to present the political, legal and economic challenges which are facing the authorities of the Republic of Indonesia in the province of Papua and West Papua.

An armed conflict is going on in this area between successive Indonesian governments and Papuan nationalists, which involves demands regarding the protection of the rights of indigenous peoples. Since 2001, a law on special autonomy has been in force in both provinces, which grants a number of rights to the inhabitants of this territory. However, Papuan nationalists say that this law is not implemented. The Indonesian authorities disagree with this opinion. The article presents both of these positions, as well as specific actions of the Indonesian government to improve the protection of the rights of indigenous peoples, which the author assumes are the result of pressure from the international community.