Japońska Połączona Flota w II bitwie pod Guadalcanal, 14–15 listopada 1942 r.

Mateusz Kubicki


The Japanese Combined Fleet in the Second Battle of Guadalcanal, November 14–15, 1942

The purpose of the article is to present the clash of the night of November 14–15, 1942, which has gone down in the history of maritime warfare as the Second Battle of Guadalcanal. It was the result of the efforts of Japan and the United States to solve the complex strategic situation on the Solomon Islands archipelago. It was  also the effect of a highpoint in the campaign, which finally ended in the defeat of the Japanese Empire. During the battle, the ills of the Japanese command system, officers’ indecision, and technological backwardness came to light. One of the elements that contributed to the American victory was air control provided by planes taking off from Henderson Field airfield. Thanks to efficient command, US Navy ships with the help of aviation inflicted considerable losses within the Japanese ranks. As a result, the Second Battle of Guadalcanal ended in the total defeat of the Empire, whose situation in the Solomon Islands deteriorated subsequently.