Krótka historia o kulcie Mao Zedonga – wybrane elementy kreowania politycznej legendy Wielkiego Sternika

Natalia Lubińska


A brief history of the Mao Zedong cult – selected elements of the creation of the political legend of the Great Helmsman

The People’s Republic of China, which has been under a communist regime for over 60 years and is ruled by one party, evokes many different opinions among Western observers. The heritage of Mao Zedong, who is considered the father of modern China, is also a topic of those discussions. There is no doubt that Mao Zedong is  still recognized as a high-profile figure and an outstanding strategist by the Chinese. His biggest success is considered to be the unification of the country, which for years was an arena of competition among Western powers, rivalry among regional commanders and civil wars. Over the years, he systematically built up his image by hard work and dedication. Mao Zedong’s period of leadership goes in parallel with the cult that has been created around him.
This article describes selected events from political life that have a particular impact on the creation of Mao Zedong’s political legend in China during his period of rule. Different stages are analyzed that shaped the image of Mao - from a communist underground activist in China and outstanding military strategist to the ideologist of  aoism, an important political player, and the Father of the Nation.