Konkurencyjność a praktyka działań chińskich producentów samochodów elektrycznych na rynku europejskim

Tomasz Czuba,

Tomasz Konewka,

Kinga Krasowska


Competitiveness and practical activities of Chinese producers of electric cars on the European market

Competition in the automotive market is generally known and described. This market is dominated by the large players who have been operating for a long time. Environmental protection is directly linked to natural resources and means that competition is moving towards electrical vehicles. This new sector seeks a competitive  advantage to succeed on the market.

The aim of this article is to assess the chances of Chinese electric car manufacturers on the European market. In order to achieve this goal the method of analysis and synthesis in the field of competitiveness and competitive advantage was used. The case study method was also used to refer to the practice of Chinese car  producers in China and Europe. The data gathered leads to the conclusion that Chinese manufacturers are well aware of how to build up competitiveness in Europe. They know how to gain and maintain areas of competitive advantage. Purchase of a stake in European producers or some other kind of cooperation with them means  that the presence of Chinese electric vehicle producers on the European market is becoming substantial. After years of learning, the time of expansion has arrived, which, as collected data show, has every chance of being successful.